What we have here is an IT failure.

I really liked Struther Martin in the movie ”Cool Hand Luke”, especially the famous line, “ What we have here is a failure to communicate”. 

I recently attended a class at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The class was about information technology strategy, and IT organization.  One of the questions that was addressed during this class was:  Why do so many IT projects fail?  Now there are a lot of reasons why a project may fail and to address of the reasons now might be a little cumbersome.

One of the statements that really stuck me was that an IT failure was really a business failure.  Too many times I’ve seen business units and IT in a finger-pointing match.  One of the suggestions that came out of this class was rather than having a separate business strategy and IT strategy, shouldn’t the IT strategy be a component of the overall business strategy.  Now that sounds simple enough, but it’s not actually implemented more often than not.

One way to start accomplishing this would be to tie business units and IT units together. That would mean that the career aspirations of both the business management and the IT management would be tied to delivering functional projects.  Maybe then more companies would embrace the statement that an IT failure is really a business failure.

What are your thoughts?