What do IT Consultants Want?

We want it all and we want it now….not really just paraphrasing a Queen song.  In a recent study by  Techserve Alliance and Inverno, IT consultants were asked about how satisfied they were.  While IT professionals rate high levels of satisfaction with the flexibility, work-life balance, autonomy offered by staffing firms, they are least satisfied with career prospects and opportunities for advancement.

The graph to the right digs in a little deeper on those concerns. The top two concerns are career oriented with staying professionally relevant being ranked most important by almost a third of the IT consultants.  Lack of a career path was a concern to a quarter of the consultants

Having been in the business for over 25 years, I can understand those concerns.  The first can be overcome by continuous education.  The IT field is constantly changing, so continuous learning is key.  The lack of career path is a little harder to overcome in the IT consulting and IT Staffing world because of the nature of the beast.  I do have a few suggestions for you to consider.   The first one is to keep yourself out there.  You can do it in any number of ways including: social media, blogs and speaking at users groups.  Become the go to person.  

My second suggestion is not to burn any bridges or get too comfortable.  Nor do you want to commit any of the 7 deadly sins of consulting.  Having repeat customers and customers who will hold work for you is a great position to be in.  After all, we just want a little Satisfaction.