In a recent study by  Techserve Alliance and Inverno  one of the areas investigated was the use of VMS/VMOs.   Results were not surprising, yet interesting.  When hiring managers were asked about the benefits of using a VMS/VMO, the top answers were around how efficient it was and how much time it saved the manager.  The other answers include having a standard agreement, trusted source for talent, competitive rates.   As a business owner, I look at all of the above and say; “Very good, our work here is done”.  But wait; there is more, not quite the end of the story.  

When hiring managers were asked about the drawbacks to using a VMS/VMO,  one in four managers identified lack of direct contact with staffing firm personnel and the resulting difficulty communicating requirements as the top drawbacks to VMS/VMO programs.  DUH. Staffing managers agreed, nearly 8 out of 10 staffing firm personnel found that working through a VMS/VMO slows down the process of deploying talent.    

So let me get this straight, hiring managers think it’s efficient for them because they don’t have to talk to staffing managers.  Everyone agrees that the whole process takes longer.  Not to be Mr. Obvious, but maybe a little talking might help.  Hmmm, I never made the connection.  I hope all that efficiency doesn’t Lose the war.  After all we are now in the Talent Battle.