The Real Me?

the-real-meCan you see the real me? Can ya, can ya? Ok, I’m not talking about a song from The Who. Nearly everything you ever wanted to know can be found on the internet. This includes common interview questions asked at major companies, along with the most successful answers. To get a true feel for your candidate, as well as to get them out of “interview mode”, going beyond the standard interview questions could be your best bet. For example:
Rapid fire questions such as: “What is your favorite book/movie/musician?” “Where do you like to travel?” “What is your favorite city?” “Why?” Quick questions show you how the candidate thinks on their feet. The questions are meant to be simple and not related to the position. However, it reveals how the candidate reacts to this form of questioning. It also can show the genuineness of the candidate and their responses to other questions. Be sure, however, to make it a conversation and not an inquisition.
Ask the candidate to organize a group of objects. The objects could be random files, different sizes and color of paper clips, or a deck of cards (or list of potential clients, engineering drawings, etc.). The best response would be a candidate that asks questions about how you prefer the objects to be organized. Should the deck of cards be organized by suit or by matching up all the aces, twos, jacks, etc. Should a list of potential clients be organized by revenue, stock price, SIC code, etc. The questions will show their thought process. By telling them to organize them, the way they see fit will show you how they work through the task.
Ask the candidate to solve a problem that is directly related to the position and company. This type of question can show the candidate’s ability to innovate, adapt, learn, and use their resources. It can also help to show how they work through challenges within the position.
If the candidate says, “I went back to the doctor to get another shrink. I sit and tell him about my weekend, But he never betrays what he thinks. Can you see the real me, doctor?”…..Run

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