Sweatshop or Not?

WorkHarderIn my recent weekly email blast, I talked about employee retention and some of the things Google and Facebook do.  One of my readers replied and asked some great questions: Has anyone written about what is expected of the associates?  Are project managers (and management) reasonable in their expectations?  What are “normal work weeks” 50-60-70 hours?  Could these two companies merely be sweatshops with gourmet food and Starbucks?

Here is part of my reply back: The best source for unbiased information is Glassdoor.  I have put some links below where you can do some further research.  You will need a login to get far, but its free and easy.  If you sort on the reviews you can see two sides of each coin.  The one star ratings have a lot of interesting comments.  The 4.5 star ratings do too.  My opinion is that it boils down to the individual managers.  I’m sure we have both seen some good ones and not so good ones.
You can check out both Facebook and Google on Glassdoor by clicking on these links to draw your own conclusions:




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