Social Media Etiquette 101

101Social media is not the Holy Grail of recruitment, but done well, can be a wonderful supplement to a company’s recruiting program.

Candidates are more technologically savvy than ever. Smartphone and tablet apps have revolutionized how people interact. They have also changed how people look for jobs. Social media brings another layer to this phenomenon. Regardless of a candidate’s current job satisfaction, companies are engaging potential talent around the clock in a variety of ways on several different social media platforms.

The key to effectively using social media, on any of the platforms, is to be thoughtful and engaging. Social media should be thought of as a 24/7/365 networking event. Posts should portray the best company image, without feeling forced or stuffy. Humor is permitted and highly recommended. The goal is to get the potential candidate interested in the company message and engaged in a conversation. These conversations will have that candidate coming back for more.

The ability to engage many at once is great. The ability to reach out to a potential candidate on a personal level is even better. Private messaging within LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allows a much more directed conversation to occur. These messages can be a great icebreaker, especially with a candidate that is not actively seeking new employment, and may lead to a more in-depth conversation.

Researching the candidate prior to privately messaging them is extremely important. Reading through their social media profiles, yes all of their profiles on all sites that they use, will give insight on that person and allow a more personalized message to be sent. Skipping this step and only going by the information seen at a quick glance will make that communication feel like a form letter. Injecting information found by combing through their profile will create a more personalized approach and open up the conversation.

Social media can be exhausting if not managed properly. Since social media does not replace recruiting as we know it; it can easily cut into time spent on other, important recruitment activities. By scheduling time each day for social media and utilizing tools such as HootSuite, which uploads posts to several sites at once, social media can be a great supplement that remains thoughtful and easy.

There is much debate on the ROI with social media. Many companies invest in advertising and have dedicated staff for social media engagement. Smaller companies find cost savings in hiring with increased employee referrals. While Facebook has great metrics to show a company’s reach on the site, there is still little concrete data on social media’s true effectiveness across the board.

The consensus on social media is that it is a great way to engage candidates and employees. However, it does not replace tried and true recruiting activities, such as face to face and phone interactions. Social media is definitely a trend to watch as more and more companies use it in their recruiting efforts.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Etiquette 101

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I agree that these are more geneirc stats and also stats that I would expect, as most text messages (as of now) come from personal contacts. On the other hand, e-mails flood the inbox, making it less likely overall that your message will be opened.If targeted properly, I would hope that the read rate would be higher for those recruitment e-mails, but I believe there are going to be several other factors that contribute to that number (active vs. passive job seeker, number of e-mails received overall, etc ). If recruiters/recruitment marketers do jump on the SMS train, I hope they would be cautious as to frequency and type of message so as not to turn users off from the channel completely.All-in-all, I think the message is that there are new options out there for reaching candidates. However, as with any channel, you must use it wisely.A

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