Pardon The Interruption

This morning during my 31 mile commute to work I was thinking that with the global energy crisis that these types of commutes are going to become less frequent and workers are going to have to change their work environments.   People will have to contend with either working from home or moving closer to where they work.

Pardon the interruption but workers lives are about to change if they have not started to change already.  I know in my case I already had to give up my large SUV for a smaller automobile simply because my monthly car payment and fuel people started to resemble a house payment!  I could not live with it any longer.  A fellow worker had to do the same thing.

My organization is involved in technology and computer consulting and much what we do such as business application development, IT outsourcing and staffing can be done remotely and we can save the application integration and IT infrastructure jobs until we are ready to do the actual integration of either an application or system integration.  Our organization is going to have to re-think the way that we approach our business.  Sales calls may have to accomplish our first meeting via the web on a webinar before we actually meet with a client because we need to be prudent with how we spend our fuel dollars.

So all of this got me to thinking if other organizations are thinking the same way?  Well, indeed they are.  Recently I watch a piece on the news that showed how it cost American Airlines $77,000 every time they fuel a large aircraft.  They have become very methodical and cost conscience on how they spend their fuel money and they curb additional weight wherever they can to save on fuel costs.

Recently I found an article by Merdith Leviinson where he examines Chorus, a small software company that is saving money, reducing employee stress and improving productivity and customer satisfaction by closing its offices and going virtual.  Take a look at the first part of his three part series at:

Pardon the interruption to your work environment  but I believe the work place regardless of what industry one is in is about to change?  What do you think?