I just saw an article about some Off-The-Wall interview stunts.  There were a few that worked and a few that did not work.  Before I share them, let me say that I would not recommend any of them for the Cincinnati and Dayton IT job market.  The best thing you can do is be competent in the skill sets you know and learn new ones as needed.  Once you are competent in a given IT skill, demonstrate that you are.  

Here is what worked for some candidates: Wrap your resume in a candy bar. Wear a red t-shirt under a dress shirt that says “hire me, I work hard”.  Ask to be interviewed in a second language if you are bilingual (Klingon doesn’t count).   Send a resume in a bottle.  Once again, I would not try any of those.

The following did not go over well, so definitely don’t try these:  Do back flips into the interview room to demonstrate your ability with Agile methods.  Buy gifts for the interviewer from the interviewer’s online shopping wish list.  Send a fruit basket to the interviewer’s home address.   Perform a tarot card reading for the interviewer.   Dress as a circus clown to the interview. 

The IT Job market is competitive, but the employment statistics are in the candidates favor with out having to resort to such off-the-wall tactics.