Never, Ever

NeverEverOne of my favorite Jeffism’s is Never seems to happen quite a bit.  I have talked about Never before Here in the context of disaster recovery.  Never ever this time happened a couple of times last week.
Sales cycles can sometimes take a couple of years in our business.  I have been routinely calling on this person for probably that long.  Last week, timing was everything and I got an appointment to meet with this person.   He knows what we do based upon the past 2 years of calling and emailing, so face to face I was able to learn more about his business.  Almost all of their software is custom developed, so that is a perfect fit for us.  One of the questions raised was about our engagement process.  I explained how we use a two part agreement and we could get the 1st part out of the way at any time.  He asked to take a look at our agreement, so I sent him one when I returned to the office.  I was getting ready to leave at the end of the day, when I got an email from this person with a fully signed copy of the agreement back and he asked if we had a developer that could help.   I have never, ever had a one day close.  It was great to have the one day close, but now the hard part starts.  The .net developer market is very tight in the Cincinnati / Dayton market and I try not to have people in the office just sitting around.
The good news is we actively recruit and had a person that was qualified and lived only about 15 minutes away from this new customer.  Should be a slam dunk, right?  This is the second part of the never ever.  This developer wants to go to the customer and look at their code and interview them to see if he wants to take the gig.  Sure we have had plenty of interviews and those certainly can be dialogs back and forth, but we have never, ever had a reverse interview.  Well the customer agreed, knowing how tight things are.   The person ended up not taking the assignment for other reasons, but the good news is we did get someone.  Never seems to happen quite a bit.

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