IT Skills, Hey Hey, My My

Rust Never Sleeps nor does the technology space.  Change is the one constant in IT (Information Technology), so you have to adapt your approach to recruitment and hiring.  The days of hiring IT people that react to requests are ending.  (Unless you are in Cincinnati, then I will reference Mark Twain’s famous quote).   Organizations are looking for IT Professionals that are forward thinking and business centric. 

This means that IT talent will not only need to know about traditional IT skills, but also have the ability to interact effectively with the business.  One of the ways IT Talent can be more effective for the business is to help the business understand the ramifications of a decision.  I have seen business make (and not make) requests of IT, based on perceived costs that were wrong in both directions.  It would be much easier if IT were involved early and understand the challenges the business is facing.  IT could then bring solutions that would help solve some of the challenges in a cost effective manner.

Here is an article that is more in depth on some of the IT Skills that are facing extinction along with some that will continue to be relevant.  Hey hey, my my.