Improved Retention

We at STAR BASE Consulting love turnover…other companies’ turnover.  So if you are a hiring manger, just ignore this post and give us a call, we can help with finding IT Talent.  If you want to improve your retention by about 25%, read on.

This first one I have heard a lot of talk about, but at the end of the day, more was said than was done.  1. Make it easy for your staff to learn new skills and assign them tasks that use these new skills.  Yes, it means a project could and probably will take longer, but the longer term rewards should be worth it.

2. Don’t allow other managers to take cheap shots at your department.  Sure IT projects fail and if they do, acknowledge it and get to the root cause of what went wrong. I have said this before here, and I will say it again.  An IT failure is a business failure.

3. Promote good individuals to the senior executives in your organization and if the situation arises; it’s ok to promote someone from IT to another area of the business.  It’s a career change and career growth. IT people appreciate a career path as much as anyone else.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff, look at the big picture.  One of our customers has a fairly rigid dress code and one day I got a complaint about the shoes one of my consultants was wearing.   I was told that tennis shoes were not allowed.  I went down to talk to the consultant and he did not have tennis shoes on, but they weren’t dress shoes either.  I had seen others wearing similar types of shoes in the past.  That put us in an awkward position to figure out where the line was regarding shoes and whose standards were important.

5. Encourage group activities like lunches and outside-the-office events.  It helps teams bond and builds cohesiveness.  If you are a consultant, just be sure not to get too comfortable, you are not an employee and don’t commit any of the 7 deadly sins.

6. Acknowledge good work when it is done, don’t wait until review time.  Remember the rule, praise in public and constructively criticize behind closed doors.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are more things you can do to retain IT Talent, but I hope it stimulates some thought.  If not, I hope we will be talking later.