In a recent study by  Techserve Alliance and Inverno  one of the questions asked was What are the most useful job search resources?    The top ranked answer was networking with professional contacts.  The second ranked was networking with personal contacts. In other words, the most popular responses indicate we are going to Do It Ourselves (DIO).  Maybe that is human nature to be self-reliant.  One of our customers actually had an initiative called DIO (Do It Ourselves).   This initiative was to designed to eliminate all contract and temporary positions.   After about six months they declared victory and brought the consultants back.

One of the questions I have is why don’t more companies use IT Staffing firms?  Many think it costs more to bring in a consultant than to hire their own professional.  The data suggests that it can be less expensive or not cost any more.  A significant majority of the clients surveyed believe that the fully loaded cost of consultants is either lower or no more expensive than the cost of hiring a direct employee, the staffing firm model provides many additional benefits, such as numerical and functional flexibility, along with the ability to deploy talent more quickly. 

One of the key things to note is to use a firm that specializes in the type of talent you are looking for.   You are probably not going to have much success going to an industrial staffing firm to get an IT Consultant. 

This reminds me of something my executive coach used to tell me.  Jeff, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to get what you got!