The more things change, the more they start to look the same.  Looks like the certification question has raised its head again.   See my previous post about it here.   I saw an editorial here that claims certifications are helping your paycheck again.  My immediate reaction was REALLY!?.  You have to read the article to see that the claim is only for some IT skill sets and then only a 1.4 to 1.8 percent bump in something called premium pay.   It seems like that small of a percentage change could easily be explained by regional or other differences.

What do you think?  Do certifications help your pay that much? From our perspective as an IT Consulting / IT Staffing firm; certifications are a mixed bag.  Some employers may have a certain certification as a requirement and will not look at non-certified talent no matter how experienced.  In these cases the certification makes all the difference.  Other employers totally discount the certification.

Both of these positions are wrong.  If it were as easy to go out and take an assessment, then we would all take tests and not have to worry about interviewing someone.   We would just look for the right certification and bam, we’re in business.  Just because someone  is good at taking tests  and can pass, doesn’t mean he/she is a fit.   The cloud is full of “Study Tests”.

It may sound like I am down on certifications, but I am really not, I have several of them. Those of you that have them should be proud to have them.  A certification is simply an independent third party validating what you claim to know.

It also means that someone that doesn’t have a specific certification is not a fit.  It just means you need to do a little work to verify the person’s claimed experience / knowledge.  Maybe that is the problem.  Maybe hiring managers are depending upon the certification because they can’t verify the experience any other way.   We can help.  Now you Know.