According to Merriam-Webster one definition of certifiable is to be genuine or authentic.  The second definition is to be insane or crazy.  I describe myself using definition number one, but being in IT consulting, some people think that definition two fits better.  I guess its all perception.

Speaking of being certifiable, have you heard the news, Aaron has been certified.  Since Aaron has been in IT consulting for years, I believe he could use either definition as well;).  In his last blog post, Aaron brings up the question is certifications are worth it or not.  The problem, in my opinion, is that too many people are NOT using definition one, or at least as I have outlined it here.  I tend to think of myself as being honest and having integrity.  If I could describe myself with one word it would be authentic. 

Perhaps these people that are not earning their certifications also fit definition one, they are genuinely and authentically being dishonest and don’t have much integrity.  Nothing turns me off more than a dishonest IT consultant.