Best Foot Forward

I’m sure you have heard the old saying, “Put your best foot forward” or first impressions last.  We strive very hard to do that for the candidates we present to our customers.  I know other IT staffing and consulting firms don’t necessarily do that.  A lot of firms submit and ask questions later and because of those things, a lot of IT professionals look down on the IT staffing and consulting industry.  So, I’m not surprised about a situation that recently occurred.

We had a candidate that was interested in a position.  Our recruiter talked with this person as did I; we take time to know a bit about the people we present. Our sales person had some questions, so we scheduled a conference call between the three of them.  One of the topics that came up was where we would be submitting this candidate.  He thought he may have been previously submitted.  This particular customer does allow multiple firms to submit, as long as it is on a different job id.  We told him we would always let him know the job id before we submit him.

After the call, we determined that this candidate was a fit for more than one customer and each have slightly different requirements.  One will not look at a candidate if the resume does not have a month and year listed for each employer.  Another will not interview the candidate unless we certify that references are checked.

The recruiter sent an email making the reference request and made some suggestions on how the resume could be improved.  Here was the response: I am not providing any list of names, phone numbers, addresses, contact information, email Ids, ETC. Nor will I pop in stuff into a resume so that it will look like what to whom?   Its a bit terse considering the level of conversations that took place.  However in retrospect, we could have done a better job of explaining why we needed the information.  There are also too many un-reputable recruiters out there that put candidates on the defensive.

For the record, we treat all information in a confidential manner and will submit candidates only if given permission.  If there is some sort of potential conflict we will ask for a Right to Represent.